Our Program

Falls City CrossFit offers CrossFit in our main fitness program.  Each one of our daily workouts is programmed by our CrossFit certified coaches and allows for any workout to be scaled back to the individual member’s level of comfort and fitness. We want you to be challenged, but we do not want you to lose form or risk injury, so our coaches make it a point to personalize every workout to fit the participant.

Supplemental Programs

Here at Falls City CrossFit, we feel we are unique in that we offer free supplemental programs to all of our members.  We offer four main programs, but we can always work with you to create something specific to your needs.

First Responders

We are proud to offer programs specifically catered to the needs of first responders.  This also comes with a 20% discounted membership rate.  These supplemental programs may vary from profession to profession, but overall they put a large emphasis on strength, sprint work, and interval training.  This program seamlessly corresponds with the class led workouts, so you have the option of how much time you would like to put into your training.

Base Strength and Conditioning

This is for the member who would like to gain strength and muscle mass.  This program includes the basic lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, press) along with accessory movements to complement those lifts.  This program corresponds to the class led workouts, so all you have to do is show up a little early or stay a little late to gain the extra benefits of this program.

Olympic Style Weightlifting

This program is for the member who would like to put an emphasis on not only strength, but the two olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk.  There will be a higher emphasis on squatting and pulling on this program, along with much more technique work and analysis.  If you’re looking for not only a physical challenge, but also a mental challenge, this is the program for you.  You will also have the opportunity to compete with our barbell club at local meets if you choose to do so.

Prehab and Mobility

This program is geared towards the individual who needs to improve their movement patterns and increase mobility.  This is the perfect program if you have an previous injuries or are being held back in class due to mobility issues.  This includes light isolation work to create the correct motor patterns to carry over into the movements in class.

What is CrossFit?

image3 Falls City CrossFit strives to create a healthy community and lifestyle by combining aspects of rowing, running, Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, and general functional movements.

Falls City CrossFit is not your typical CrossFit gym – our approach is different then your normal box. We believe in taking a Strength and Conditioning approach. We don’t combine our big Strength movements with our cardio. We believe that movements like Snatches, Deadlifts, etc. should be done separately in a controlled environment. We preach quality over quantity and speed. We focus on mobility and stability of the joints. We also use the “Erg” as our primary fitness tool.

We have found that by having our members’ row, demonstrating proper mechanics, they are able to transition easier into deadlifts or Olympic lifting with decreased injuries. Rowing, unlike deadlifting, is a low-resistance, high- repetition exercise. Rowing has repetitive motion, going from the start to finish position over and over. This is all done while adding speed and timing. This is much like Olympic lifting. We have found that introducing rowing as our core program, our clients are stronger from the core to extremity. They demonstrate explosive movements in a safe manner without compromising form. This is all done in a controlled setting utilizing the benefits of the low impact rower.

Olympic lifting athletes take years to demonstrate proper mechanics with the snatch and clean and jerk. Many spend years just working on technique with just the bar. New CrossFitters may spend significant time utilizing training bars or PVC until confident. At that time weight is added gradually in a safe and responsible manner.