From our perfect location down on the Ohio Riverfront, Falls City CrossFit is the community for you to achieve your fitness goals with proper technique, support, education and encouragement. We pride ourselves in having the best and most experienced coaches in the area teaching our members the safe and correct movements for our workouts.   New to CrossFit? No worries as our coaches will scale back all workouts to fit the fitness level of every member.

Not all gyms are created equal.  We are a unique facility in that we take an all-encompassing approach to health and fitness.  We put an emphasis on technique and safety, but we also put a large emphasis on nutrition and mobility, aspects that are often overlooked, but are just as important to overall health and functional fitness.   All of these elements put together create the most efficient way to see improvement.

We have an array of convenient class times in a welcoming atmosphere that will be certain to keep you committed and focused. You will get leaner and stronger while learning functional movements without the risk of injury. Our coaches will make sure your time is well spent at the level you can achieve while making the experience one that is fun, competitive and challenging, all of which will make you a better you! Our CrossFit family invites you to try us out and see why we think Falls City CrossFit is the place to be!

For individuals new to CrossFit, we offer two one-on-one fundamentals classes to teach you the basics, both scheduled at your convenience. (Call 870.403.1449 to schedule)

Why CrossFit?

  • Welcoming atmosphere
  • Friendly and accessible beginner program
  • Convenient schedule of classes
  • Scalable workouts to fit all fitness levels
  • Learning movements correctly to avoid injury and setbacks
  • Be more positive and energetic
  • Be part of a supportive community

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